Fireplace Style – Where Do I Start?

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Picture the way your fireplace is going to be utilized. You have likely Already have a place in your mind, however, the viability of this place might be impacted by ventilation demands, setup clearance demands and fuel options.

To begin with, why are you currently installing a fireplace? Is for Recreational usage and amusing? Is it functioning as an emergency emergency heating method? Supplemental warmth for a cold area? Is it merely a decorative component to better your decor? Fireplaces can be found in a vast selection of designs being used as backup heat resources will find the maximum use and a greater quality (more expensive) version is going to be a better option that normally offers increased efficacy.

Who will use the new fireplace? What’s your lifestyle? Elderly people and people with health issues might not have the ability to deal with the vigors of toting firewood. But in case you’ve got enough opportunity to enjoy the principles of trimming, splitting and stacking wood along with the notion of free warmth from fallen trees onto your home, an investment at a wood burning fireplace can fit your requirements perfectly. Otherwise, extend your chances to electric or gas fireplaces.

Fireplace design pros and chimney sweeps concur that Low-end, builder-grade fireplaces must just be used for recreational, casual flames like family gatherings at vacations. Should you hope to use your fireplace one time weekly or longer during winter, choose a high end product that will endure for many decades since replacement is a costly, time-consuming endeavor. Now let us start with the following phase of preparation.



Can you imagine burning organic firewood? Wood burning Fireplaces will place the maximum restraints in your own design. The chimney system has to operate vertically in a comparatively straight configuration and clean the roof according to local codes, that can be a minimum of 3′ in many regions – however may be too more determined by your roofing pitch and house design. You will want the fireplace set up in a place that’s available to a door to the outside to deliver on your home and extract ashes. A wood burning fireplace may also possess the best prerequisites to get a hearth that divides to the space and for top and side clearances. And if you don’t elect for a luxury, energy efficient fireplace fireplace design that provides tightly sealing doors for extended burn times and updated layouts to present high heat output, burning timber might actually remove more heat from the room than it provides.

Opening front, ornamental wood burning fireplaces have been prohibited As new appliance options in certain locations which are vulnerable to air quality issues. Decorative fireplaces have a great deal of gas, may create excess amount of smoke in your area, and provide little to no heating output. So carefully look at the high quality and characteristics of these models available throughout your preparation stages. Higher end units can provide you more years of service and convenience features that provide you more burn times, even more warmth from each object of timber and cleaner burning which ends in less smoke and a cleaner chimney.

Ensure you have a Fantastic supply of firewood accessible and Distance to stack your wood stack. The kind of wood you burn off – and the way you shop and look after your own re – can greatly impact your wood burning encounter.

For those the very gifted do-it-yourselfers, a Woodburning fireplace is work that’s best performed by a certified and seasoned professional.


Gas fireplaces Provide a handy, realistic fire at the Signature of a button. Remote controls are readily available for many versions. Many may also utilize thermostat controls which adjust the fire or turn the flame off and on depending on the space temperature. Venting options can allow installation in almost any area, on the floor of your property.

Gas fireplaces are present in Many Different styles, sizes and Layouts and extend multiple ventilation options. Decorative models will not provide you a lot of warmth, while high end units may heat an open floor program almost as efficiently as a furnace. Immediate port models can vent vertically or provide you enough choices with offsets to your port to complete liberally in the fireplace. Every version from each producer differs, so check setup requirements carefully to ensure your design could be employed for safe and effective use.

Gas fireplaces are made to burn Natural Gas (piped into your house by town gas business ) or LP (Liquid Propane) that is kept in a tank into your lawn.

Setup of a gas fireplace Will Take a plumber or HVAC tech (check local codes) to conduct gas lines into the fireplace and also to set up the fireplace and ventilation system, therefore this can be really a job that will require expert installation.

Electric Fireplaces

Once not a concern for fireplaces, electrical fires Are all of the rage. They function at 100% efficacy and need no venting in order that they are sometimes installed everywhere. They might also be the sole alternative for tenants or to get high heeled condos and office buildings. Designs vary from small to big, traditional to modern. Most comprise a heater compared to could offer lots of heat for smaller regions. There are no specific installation requirements – simply plug into an current 3-prong socket – hence this is a comparatively straightforward installation that many homeowners can reach by themselves.

Now we understand Which Type of fuel is correct, let us plan Where it’ll be set up.

As we heard in a part two, the more gasoline you’ll be burning Your chimney may dictate in which the fireplace may be set up based upon the ventilation requirements of the version selected. A woodburning fireplace at an upstairs bedroom isn’t practical as you’re going to be toting timber up and carrying down ash.

Occasionally a compromise will probably be required to fulfill venting and Clearance needs of the fireplace fashion you decide on. Your perfect location between 2 windows might not do the job, however the spacious place on the other wall could be ideal. Or maybe that the woodburning fireplace you want between the windows can not match, but a gasoline burning version will. So decide how significant the location of this fireplace will be into the style you’ve got in mind and stay flexible in this phase of preparation.


Depending on the age, fireplaces Are designed Throughout the ages with a number of fashions. A corner fireplace can offer the ideal balance for some other elements inside the room. Horizontal or non traditional hearths are somewhat more functional in smaller rooms in which you are going to be much less like to stub your toe walking by. Horizontal hearths were very popular in the early 1800’s into the 1940’s. Raised hearths can bring up the fireplace to offer you a much better perspective in the bed or couch. A hearth increased 16″ to 18″ provides additional chairs inside the room. Consider the layout components in your area, the way the furniture is going to be organized, and the kind of fireplace you are installing. Raised hearths permit less bending when loading or tethered to a wood flame. If you are attempting to replicate the appearance of a specific age then find out more about the design of fireplaces, surround and hearth materials and mantel styles which were hot at that moment.

I have selected my gas along with the space it is likely to be installed Into, how should it appear?

A fireplace is generally a generic box which holds a flame. Decorative accents furnished by the maker (for instance, trimming styles and doorway or door finishes) are your next choice. The best part of your design style is going to likely be the hearth, encircle, trimming and mantel options.

The hearth is the expansion to the space that provides Protection into your floors while the environment provides security for those walls enclosing your own balcony. Prerequisites will vary considerably for the environment and hearth dependent on the kind of fuel that your fireplace burns off along with the individual prerequisites for the version selected. Woodburning fireplaces will often call for a hearth 18″ or longer in the front of your fireplace, and extending to every side to provide maximum security for sparks and tumbling embers. Gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces might need little without a hearth or encircle, although integrating these components into your design might provide a more real appearance and appeal to your space.

Hearths and encircles can include a Wide Array of Materials only be certain and select the ideal material, at the suitable depth for warmth transport security, and be certain it’s set up properly. Make certain there’s sufficient weight service under the fireplace and hearth space to encourage the fireplace, ventilation system and hearth/surround substances. A fireproof underlayment could be required in certain installations. Here are some stuff you may think about for hearths and encompasses:

  • Brick or brick crowns
  • Stone, rock veneers or cultured rock
  • Ceramic tile
  • Slate, marble, granite, granite & sound surface stuff
  • Metallic surfaces like stainless steel or aluminum
  • Cement slabs
  • Mantels and Trim

Your mantel and trimming alternative may have the Best effect on The aesthetic layout of your own balcony. An expansive mantel can have a typical fireplace from normal to beautiful! Many house owners decide to take more of the funding to the fireplace installment to the mantel than every other region of the undertaking, so think about the way the mantel will change your general appearance and prices. The mantel is set up to in the environment and supply a finished appearance. Thorough mantels are ordinarily utilized in houses with a conventional layout. The mantel consists of decorative vertical trimming which sits around the fireplace hearth and many frequently comprises a mantel shelf.

Make Sure That the mantel is set up to Permit adequate Clearances to meet with the fireplace manufacturer’s directions. Deep shelves, as an instance, can pose challenges with wood burning fireplaces since the overhang may lead to fire hazards because of the excess increasing heat.

Mantels Can Be Found in a Massive variety of materials, styles And layouts:

  • Granite
  • Wood
  • Cast Iron
  • Limestone
  • Cultured Stone
  • Plaster
  • Resin

On the lookout for an extremely modern design? Contemporary designs Use simple lines to produce a harmonious texture, or intriguing textures and patterns which may not be enriched using a mantel or shelf. In a modern design, look at using a straightforward trim the only finishes off the borders of your own surround.

I’ve got the ideal design in your mind! I understand precisely how it ought to Look and I am prepared to go!


The complexity of your fireplace layout and setup Will ascertain how much aid the normal do-it-yourselfer may take part in the undertaking.

Plan, Plan and Assess Your Aims Again!

Is it true that the fireplace provide the qualities you want?

Can your house adapt any mandatory venting demands?

Have You Got sufficient space for your fireplace and the needed Framing and hearth necessary for this particular version?

What hearth and surround can you utilize?

Have you ever picked a mantel that satisfies clearance demands?

We recommend that you draw out your chimney job on newspaper And strategy all measurements very attentively. A fantastic next step would be to use paper and generate a template onto your flooring and wall so you could visually find the quantity of space which will be allocated to a new fireplace setup, just how long furniture is going to be into this new fireplace, etc..

Purchase Your fireplace and Discover your builders

Now that you have selected your chimney, your own surround, hearth And mantel, what is next?

Buy from a merchant or provider that matches your Individual needs. You might even discover a single shop can assist with all you want: the fireplace, ventilation, mantel and surround in addition to the contractors to get the entire job done for you. Or you might have to purchase from many sources to receive all the materials required for the undertaking. Purchase from the shop (s) that provide the technical assistance and product choice that you desire.

Framing and sheetrock will most likely be required. Is That a job You are able to perform your self, or is it a carpenter or handyman demanded? Ensure framing permits not just the suitable opening to your fireplace but also the hearth and mantel too.

If you are installing a gas fireplace, then Be Sure to have a Accredited tradesman to operate gas lines. Arrange for delivery of this LP gas tank or link of gas lines into your house when you’re incorporating a gas fireplace into a house that does not have gas appliances use. Gas support could incorporate a wait from several days to many weeks, so plan early!

Following the framing is completed, the fireplace will be set up. Assess Building code requirements and be certain you or the builder apply to the license and possess the mandatory inspections completed to help ensure the fireplace will be installed securely and properly. Installation of a gas or wood burning fireplace, the ventilation system and the gasoline lines are tasks best left to a specialist. A security review is performed following the fireplace is set up, checking for appropriate clearances to framing, appropriate setup of the ventilation system and suitable installation of gas lines.

Following the framing review is done, You Might set up Sheetrock, surround and hearth substances, as well as the mantel. This region of the undertaking could possibly be achieved by gifted homeowners, or could possibly be left at the control of tradesmen specializing in the substances you have selected like tile contractors, carpenters, general contractors or gifted handy-man businesses.

Following Your fireplace setup is complete, a closing Inspection by the construction contractor is necessary for wood or gas burning fireplaces. This helps guarantee that the next tradesman hasn’t coated darkened regions of the fireplace with surround substances (for instance, covering vents onto the fireplace with vinyl ) and the hearth and mantel are set up with the right clearances. Last gas inspections can also be done at the moment, possibly by another inspector.

After closing inspections are completed, follow your manufacturer Instructions for break-in usage. This normally involves little, low fires which help heal paint and refractory substances used on wood and gas burning fireplaces. Review safety and use instructions with everybody in the house who is working the new fireplace.

Today uncork the wine, and call your Family and Friends, mild a Flame and revel in! Your brand new fireplace will include a unique warmth to a cold day. You have made a wonderful investment into your home’s worth and to your own wellbeing.